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Smart investing in new property in a hassle-free way? Discover our current projects. From new apartments to studios, from residential care homes for seniors to student flats, from underground car parks to new holiday homes near the coast. Discover our interesting property projects today.

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Why should you invest in property?

4 reasons to invest in property


Property holds its value

Inflation does not affect property investment because the value of your real estate rises faster than the life expectancy. In this way, you retain your initial capital and gain added value. The value of property will only increase over time. With the right property investment, you can achieve a return that remains unattainable with traditional savings products.


Real estate is tangible

The name itself says it all: real estate. Your investment is real, you can literally touch it. A notarial deed provides stability and security. This contrasts with equities and bonds where the volatility of the stock market plays a role. Renting out your property generates a monthly income, while your long-term investment retains its value with a very high degree of certainty.


Housing is a basic need

Everyone needs a roof over their heads. The real estate market has, therefore, a very promising future that offers opportunities to investors. Real estate retains its value in the long term and the increasing demand on the rental market guarantees an excellent occupancy rate.


Newly constructed property is profitable

Investing in newly built property means opting for an even more interesting return, fewer worries and enjoying an energy-efficient investment. Investing in in new property also means investing in property with great attention to detail and comfort, something that is highly sought after in the rental market.

About us

Your partner in property investment with rental yields

Project broker agent Qubrik offers new property investment opportunities in which the quality of the product as well as freeing the investor from worries are paramount. Our projects are mainly located in Flanders and Brussels within different residential property segments: apartment rentals at strategic locations in major cities, residential care homes for seniors, newly built apartments in cities in Flemish provinces managed by SVKs (Sociale VerhuurKantoren; Belgian Social Housing Rental Offices), holiday park houses near the coast, student flats near campus in student cities, low-cost apartment rentals in Flanders and underground public car parks at strategic locations in major cities.