Investing is easy

A new-build apartment is a simple way to invest. An apartment can be handed over virtually complete, and fully in line with your specifications, so that it is immediately ready for you to bring in tenants.

You can rest assured that everything is in compliance with the building regulations and that all the required certificates are in place. Insulation of the property meets the latest standards; the EPC is outstanding and you will be provided with a completion dossier. Everything is set out clearly in writing. No lengthy meetings or mountains of admin for you to wade through. That’s all been taken care of.

It’s a safe investment

Belgium’s Breyne Act means that the property developer and the architect are responsible for any defects in an apartment or apartment building for a period of ten years. So you can rest easy.

Property always retains its value. One great advantage with new-build is that you avoid the uncertainty and unpredictable costs that so often plague renovation projects. Reduced costs therefore lead to better return on investment over the longer term.

The property can be swiftly let.

People are attracted by the modern and new, and that applies to property as much as anything else. The apartment you’ll be letting is sparkling new, so potential tenants can be assured that everything is in order. 

There is a constant high demand for new-build apartments to let. So you can let the property quickly and easily to a large and well-defined target group: prospective tenants for new-build apartments generally have a somewhat higher budget at their disposal. 

And just think about the benefits of such an apartment for tenants:

  • The apartments are energy-efficient, so the fuel bills are low. And who wouldn’t want that?
  • Just completed so everything looks new, there’s little maintenance required, nothing is broken, everything works perfectly. 
  • Proper insulation means little noise from the neighbours and cosy warmth indoors on cold days. It’s a win-win!