Spacious living in an apartment? Of course you can!

1. A restrained colour palette

In a compact space, the interior can all too easily start to  feel oppressive. The best way to solve this is to limit the number of colours. So does that mean painting everything white? Of course not!  However, it is better to go for lighter shades – they make the room seem larger to the eye – with only a limited use of colour accents. The best results will be achieved if you maintain the same palette in all the different rooms.

2. Large and small

Bear in mind that living on a smaller scale doesn’t necessarily mean that all your furniture needs to be small too. The best way to create space is by alternating larger and smaller interior elements. This creates balance, and avoids having the impression that you are living in a doll’s house! For example, you could combine sleek chairs with a large lounge table.

3. Keep it light

The best space-creating trick in the book? Creating a luminous space. You can achieve this by keeping the interior as open as possible. Make sure there is a clear line of sight right through the space. You certainly don’t need acres of glass to bring this off. Go for elegant chairs with slender legs or open shelving you can look through. 

Larger pieces of furniture on casters can easily be pushed to one side. That can be your plan B. Extra tip: use uplighters for your mood lighting to make the space appear larger in the evening. A cosy feel is an added bonus.

4. Mirror effect

A small tent where you can always look further: you probably have nostalgic memories of the hall of mirrors at a fun fair. You never had the impression that that was a small space. That same expansive mirror effect can also be achieved in an apartment.

A large mirror makes a small room or a narrow corridor appear larger. Or have you thought of more playful alternatives to the standard mirror? Look for glossy materials, for example a cabinet with reflective lacquer.

5. Keep it tidy

Making an apartment seem more spacious starts with avoiding clutter. Is it a challenge for you to keep everything neatly tidied away in your living area? What you need is concealed storage. This keeps the walls and consequently the whole space open and airy.

Look for extra storage options, like:

  • Shallow-wheeled boxes to slide under the bed;
  • Hooks on the wall, for example for kitchen utensils;
  • Shelves positioned high on the wall.

6. Multifunctional furniture

There’s a huge choice of flexible systems for your interior nowadays. A fold and slide system can instantly transform a bed into a dining table. And why not kill two birds with one stone and swap your guest bed for a sofabed?